Joinlist makes it simple, fast and delightful to collect wallets. For free.
From presale to raffle, we provide creators the tooling to easily grab the addresses of your community.
Must follow multiple Twitter accountsRequire users to follow multiple Twitter accounts to be eligible for your joinlist.
Twitter AuthenticationRequire a user to verify their Twitter account with your presale. Extra options include requiring users to have a bio, pfp and account created by a certain date.
Collect walletsRequire users to share their wallet address to register for your presale/giveaway/allowlist. Manage the list of wallets in the joinlist control panel.
Require balanceEnsure users have enough ETH balance to be eligible for your project.
Discord AuthenticationRequire a user to join your server to be eligible. Ensure users have an account older than a certain date.
Discord Role RequirementRequire users to have a certain Discord role to be eligible.
Built for speedStart collecting wallets in seconds with our super simple UI.
Social ProofAdd social proof to your public page to enforce trust.
Easily export walletsOnce your presale has ended, export the list of wallets to CSV with one click.
Shortcut friendlyOptimized for efficiency with extensive keyboard shortcuts.
Coming soonRandomly select winnersUse joinlist to randomly select a winner for an upcoming raffle or giveaway.
Coming soonAutomatic Role AssignmentAssign a custom Discord role to your users as soon as they join your allowlist.
Coming soonJoinlist Discord BotLet your users verify they are on your joinlist directly on your Discord server with our bot.
Coming soonWebsite WidgetAllow users to join your allowlist directly on your website with a tiny snippet of code.
Coming soonMultiple designsChoose from a list of custom designs that fits the style of your project.
Coming soonAnalyticsGet insights in to how many people view your page, how long they stayed on before requesting access, and who referred them.
Coming soonOpen-sourceAll the code to make joinlist will soon be open-sourced for added transparency.
Coming soonMultiple NFT OwnershipEnsure users own one or more collections to be eligible.
Coming soonMust hold NFT to a period of timeOnly let in diamond hands to your joinlist by requiring them to keep certains NFTs for a period of time.
Coming soonReader-friendly documentationEasy to understand docs on quickly getting started.
Coming soonAssign a custom domainAssign a custom domain to each project to host your joinlist on your website.
Coming soonMultiple ChainsChoose from ETH, SOL, POLYGON and more.
Coming soonPassword protected pagesProtect your page with a password. Share your password with the community.
Coming soonreCAPTCHA ProtectionProtect your page from bots with industry standard reCAPTCHA.
Coming soonTeamsCreate a team for your collection. Add members and set specific roles for each team member. Control what they can/can’t edit.
Coming sooniOS appManage your projects in any location with our mobile app.
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