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    User must follow multiple twitter accounts

    You can now setup your joinlist page so that users of your community must follow certain Twitter accounts to be eligible for your presale.

    This one little feature is so powerful. Our first project that launched with us hexi, had ~100 follows before they started their joinlist. And ended up gaining 800+ follows from when they closed their joinlist presale, only 2 days later.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • large countdown clock on the registration page to show when the joinlist ends
    • every person who registered is shown on the registartion page with their twitter pfp and username
    • livefeed of other people registering on the public registration page
    • added faq to landing page
    • show a check/cross aginast each requirement on the registration page
    • display the min eth balance requirement on the registration page
    • created an easy to use "get started with a project" when a new user logs in
    • send user to login page if they aren't logged in
    • automatically enable connect twitter if you start adding accounts you require users to follow
    • created a video demonstrating how multiple twitter accounts work on twitter
    • wrote faq on the security of joinlist
    • fixed autocheck account is following required twitter accounts after connecting with twitter
    • automatically add the twitter accounts to the pills above the input upon save for must follow twitter account
    • we now show the discord role/discord server labels on the registration page - although you can't yet edit these labels. juts get in touch with me if you want to add some labels for your discord
    • added a validate=true check for the entries endpoint check does a quick center check on all the requirements, but doesnt submit the entry. used for when we rediect back from discord/twitter to check if the user is following accounts straight away
    • created a bunch of hooks lik useBalance, useCollection to make DX life easier
    • created /api/balance endpoint to quickly grab the balance of the authenticated user
    • added a more clear message to verify the user made the cut once they regsitered