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    Require Multiple collections

    You can now setup your joinlist page to require users to own multiple nft collections.

    This feature comes with two options:

    1. User must own ALL collections
    2. User must own ANY collection

    Super powerful for collaborating with other communities, and ensuring the quality of your new community members stay high.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • automatically check if the user owns the required contracts on page load for registration page
    • automatically check if the user is following the required twitter accounts as soon as they follow the required people
    • you can now delete a project!
    • set the maximum number of entries you want to allow on your joinlist
    • got a new sexy emai l address:
    • users now have an allowance of 1,000 entries across all projects. if you reach this threshold, contact me!
    • built GET /api/v1/usage endpoint which gets each persons usage allowance
    • built a more user friendly error page when login issues occur (was just a very unpretty 1 line html file before)
    • fixed min eth balance check
    • fixed min eth balance is too rounded to 2 decimals - not saving the full decimal points
    • swap spaces in a url with a dash when saving your handle. e.g typing a a handle of " cool project" ""
    • powered by joinlist btn at the bottom on the public registration page
    • beta testing the solana integration!
    • nice little loading icon when we're checking if you meet the requirements on the registration page
    • re-wrote the endpoint to check requirements - it was super confusing