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    Joinlist X Solana

    As a creator, you can now collect wallets on Solana. Solana is a fast growing chain and we are happy to support this amazing technology.

    To setup:

    1. head to your dashboard
    2. create a new project
    3. Enable solana in Settings > Connectors > Solana

    Solana minimum balance, and Solana must require collection coming soon.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • only login with twitter on login page for creators (creators were scared of connecting their wallet to joinlist, so we alleviated this by only requring you to connect to Twitter)
    • switch from using, use our authentication method (we needed to customise the sign wallet message and we couldnt do this with
    • the connect wallet, then sign message is more clear and explains what happens when signing a message. before it was "please sign message to authenticate". now its "Hi, it's the Joinlist team! Signing this message proves you own this wallet and nothing else. It's the same as getting sent an email to verify you own your email address. Signing this message is safe, free and does not in anyway give joinlist permission to send you transactions."
    • provide contact email address in pricing:
    • you can now set the max number of entries for each project you create
    • fixed: EndAt component doesnt read from the database time
    • fixed: Save endAt date in dashboard
    • fixed: connect sol account not showing username signed in
    • fixed: connecting then regsitering gets invalid icon
    • when validating an entry, dont throw the first time a check fails
    • fixed: Invalid signature.: 0xDcA1bEa642c7821efbe6a5612B2e130F9d8192CA !== 0xe2BeD39917071ac372dE3B1497206976ac9A9Dd6 (the effect didnt get the updated addresses once the user switched wallets)
    • add flavicon
    • fixed: register btn not show "you made the cut" after registering
    • save the ethereum required/enabled setting
    • attempted to figure out how we're going to allow users to input their wallet addresses. this ones a toughie.
    • fixed: each provider needs to have a Enabled option at the top of the page.
    • collapsible list of connectors in your dashboard (Eth, Solana, Twitter, Discord).
    • token.sub gets remove from token when linking a twitter account (we just didnt map the id to the sub in the token)
    • fixed: required eth balance not working creators project on mobile (we didnt check balance for ens domains, only hex addresses)
    • fixed: useSignAndLoginEth uses hard coded url param in pages/[id]
    • fixed: dont prettyHex() ens domains on the public registration page