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Joinlist X Phantom Mobile

In an effort make joining a presale list effortless, we now support connecting with Phantom Wallet on mobile.

Phantom is a leading wallet on Solana with incredible traction, gaining more than 2 million monthly active users in just six months after launch.

We're extremely pleased to support their beautifully crafted mobile wallet on our app!


  • added a FAQ section to every project page.
  • Added Account Dropdown in the dashboard, on the main nav which has links to Dashboard, Logout.


  • show a loader on the login button as soon as you hit it
  • max character length of 40 chars for the project name.
  • as soon as you connect, fire a sign message request when using phantom wallet on mobile
  • removed the top separator when the ETH connector is disabled
  • improve the speed of a projects page by disabling the list of enrties.
  • when you try to connect to an account that is already linked to a user, we ask if you want to sign into it instead of just showing a blank error page.
  • users can now logout from a projects page!
  • only enable the connect button when previous step has been completed/connected
  • improved End At screen when the project has closed.
  • too much margin-right on the Time component in the End At section of the project details page in your dashboard.
  • full length of a collapsible item was getting cut off when hovering
  • list item bullet points was showing in the User Must Own Contract Combobox.
  • truncate long words in the ComboBox component
  • removed unnecessary in the authentication flow (it was code which allowed people to submit a wallet without connecting their website). removed it because it opens us up to become a large vector of attack.
  • put all sign message statments in a constants file
  • more subtle animation to display the list of entries in the dashboard.
  • combobox placeholder text was too dark.


  • fixed overflowing text on a large FAQ item.
  • fixed logout button not working
  • fixed disconnect from phantom mobile not working.
  • users couldnt save their project and kept getting "Cannot read property 'length' of undefined"