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Collectors can easily verify they are on a whitelist by pasting in a wallet on an Registration Page.

This feature was created due to collectors being unsure if they're address was succuessfully submitted. A demo of this in action can be seen here

More ways to verify, coming soon:

  • Discord command: /verify {address} which lets you know if you're on the list
  • Assign a custom Discord Role as soon as you successfully register


  • Automatically link an account to the user who signed in. No more OAuthAccountNotLinked page!
  • Auto-complete for Twitter Accounts
  • Delete entry


  • apply linebreaks to description

  • OAuthAccountNotLinked page not styled

  • extremely slow loading times on getProject for large projects on the Registration Page

  • create api/v1/twitter/users?q=sam endpoint

  • validate the website url in the Dashboard

  • endAt date doesnt let you save when you initially first change the date

  • export siwe address instead of usernam


  • collapse menu items on hover are were cut off to early

  • autofocus on input when open raffle component

  • Solana icon too large on Page

  • no eth symbol on button in Page

  • add verified badge to accounts who are verfied for the Twitter Search User component

  • external link to the twitter profile

  • Set the initial Twitter Search Account to Apple

  • trigger for dialog to be a trash icon on right hand side of the item

  • avatar img not showing for user must own collection in public page

  • on Register click, button goes smaller

  • line height on joinlist home page tagline too big

  • if API is POST, DELETE, PATCH, console.log the request body

  • scroll to Validate wallet element as soon as you hit the register button

  • red/green border on Verify input not showing for useOnRegister

  • change message Must own Doodles to be eligible to User must own Doodles


  • Having forward slash in slug breaks page
  • hitting Security gets an app error
  • user has nft, but check not showing they have it
  • Input must not be undefined fixed
  • unable to Unregister on the Public Page
  • unable to import user to project