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    Joinlist Discord Bot

    Introducing the Joinlist Discord Bot. The bot allows you to verify your community with a simple command /joinlist verify and /joinlist verify @address

    To install the bot:

    1. Head to your dashboard
    2. Choose a Project
    3. Settings > Connections > Discord > Add Bot

    Additional discord improvements are in the works to be able to easily:

    • choose from a list of roles instead of pasting in the roleId
    • automatically assign a role of your choice once a user joins your list.


    • 2FA (get in touch if you want this enabled!)
    • Like and Retweet as a requirement for your Joinlist page.
    • Enable/Disable the ability to show a list of Entries for your project in the Dashboard.


    • Discord Bot allows you to select which project you want to verify against

    • Show Discord bot is enabled once added

    • Changed name from joinlistbot to Joinlist

    • Improved the explanations on how to use the Discord bot commands

    • removed provider={provider} for the callback on the login page

    • created a ComboBox to easily search for your country code when setting up 2fa

    • created the /api/v1/start-2fa-verification endpoint

    • created the OneTimePassword component which, automatically verifies your number once you enter all numbers (inspired by Stripe and Apple!)

    • disable the 2fa btn if the previous connect hasnt been connected

    • only show 2fa component if twoFactorAuth enabled on project

    • export solana address on the expor


    • Unregister to be in the Account dropdown

    • /twitter/users/show?screen_name endpoint

    • Allow users to upload their own accent for the color of the button on the registration page - yet to but adjustable on the dashboard!

    • use the new accent color for the Blur component on the registration page.

    • changed the /verify command to /joinlist verify.

    • /joinlist verify project: 123 address: addressWithNoEntry - we need to display the address even tho the address isn't registered on anything

    • Remove the Skeleton if no Description is given on the Registration Page

    • FAQ on mobile styling had too much padding on the x axis.

    • adding the discord bot closes the popup window once th bot has been added.


    • Sign message on mobile not redirecting back to app. This was painful to debug
    • Phantom Wallet mobile stuck on loading when hit sign in on new wallet
    • NFT not detected in wallet once connected
    • Hitting the X icon when signed in on Phantom wallet opens up the sign message popup again
    • Calendar styles on the EndAt component broke
    • discord providerAccountId getting used for the ETH username. disabled the VerifySearchComponent. something to with the useEvent hook.
    • fixed scroll on CountryCodeComboBox not working. Radix Dialog has a Scroll Lock on the Overlay. Just remove it
    • when logged in, hitting logout on the 2fa button opens the modal again
    • Fixed Unable to remove twitter account from Must Follow Twitter
    • the profile object of all the twitter accounts gets overwritten with the newly linked twitter account. due to my terrible where clause which wasn't specific enough
    • fixed 2fa required but not connected
    • Register button not green after registering successfully
    • fixed callback on Add Discord Bot goes to localhost
    • fixed anybody can delete a project on the delete project endpoint call
    • disabled the import addresses for the time being while we fix a bug within it