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    Cover Image for Confetti



    • Confetti on Registration
    • Button Accent Color
    • Border Shimmer around the Registration Component
    • Share on Twitter
    • Copy Link to Clipboard


    • when unregistered, we automatically remove the user from the page. no refresh needed!
    • log important events such as sign out, login through out the Joinlist app
    • created a useProvider hook which makes it much easier to connect to twitter, discord, solana, ethereum etc.
    • give the website component on the registration more space - it was to close to the description before
    • changelog on mobile now looks great. styles for phone were broke.
    • popover for the Raffle component is smaller
    • the image for the project details now doesnt shift the page when loading
    • Show a nice image for Twitter when sharing a Joinlist Registration page.
    • added SEO to every Joinlist Registration page
    • animated tick when click Copy to Clipboard on the Registration Page
    • fade in the images for the changelog
    • fade in the creators logo for each registration page
    • enbaled manually adding entries
    • manually adding entries now accepts subdomain ENS names e.g auth.sam.eth
    • when adding an entry, the page scrolls to the latest entry
    • imported entries now get given an image
    • we now show the last 1,000 entries for a collection


    • fixed cumulative layout shift on the dashboard when loading the projects
    • fixed No Entries on Project. we prefer choosing the Twitter screen name and Twitter image. But if that doesn't exist, we use the ETH address and a placeholder image