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    Automated Raffles (Beta)

    The new automated raffles allows you to:

    • configure how many users you want to pick when your raffle ends
    • deliver an email to the winners (if the user opted in to receive emails upon completion)
    • view who the winnners are in your project dashboard, with a badge next to the winners who's received an email


    • brand new Checkbox component
    • in /pages/[id], onRegister, if notify=true and has email in email input, save this info on the Entry
    • on /pages/[id], if project is a raffle display the "opt in for emails" component
    • create api endpoint to send email given sendgrid api keys
    • change won column to winner in Entry
    • if user wants emailing on win, send email using sendgrid
    • add won badge on the list of entries in the creators dashboard
    • fade out and scale down the Dialog component when clicking outside
    • dialog doesnt close after deleteing and entry
    • on click outsite, close Add Entry
    • Save and cancel button for Add Entry
    • have the create project btn primary (blue)
    • hide Add Entry on ESC keydown
    • hover over entry, cmd+backspace should delete the entry no questions asked
    • when closing a popover, animate out
    • remove unused routes
    • too much padding on the date time components
    • demo video of particles on twitter
    • tabs component jumps and takes a while to load
    • log to sentry on any errors
    • animated tick on register


    • Nftbuds ETH address not showing
    • Scroll on mobile for registration page stuck
    • no border around registration component