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    Password Protection

    If you want to keep your allowlist pages safe and secure, you can password protect them with Joinlist’s built-in password protection feature. This feature is easy to use and will keep your pages safe from prying eyes.

    To Password Protect your allowlists, follow these steps:

    1. In the Joinlist Dashboard, select a Project.
    2. Click Settings, then click Security.
    3. Scroll to "Password Protection"
    4. Toggle the Switch to "Enabled"
    5. Enter a password
    6. Click Save


    • "Join the Allowlist" Embed Button for Your Website with three different themes


    • Created a Segmented Control component to select between Light, Dark, and Primary themes for the Embed Button feature
    • Made the share button slightly darker on the project settings page
    • The Dropdown component now supports light mode
    • Changed the Rainbowkit modal to "compact"
    • The Dialog component now supports Dark mode
    • Popups in the background now close when the Get Embed Button Modal is open
    • Share options now available in the Project Dashboard
    • Added Embed Button in the share options on the Register Page
    • Copy the Embed Button code to the clipboard on click
    • Added domain to Embed Button images e.g
    • Password Protected pages now don't flash the Register component on page load
    • Display the creator's logo instead of Joinlist's for the Password Protected page
    • Created a demo video of Password Protection in action
    • Built the /api/v1/password-protection-check endpoint
    • Prefixed all Password Protected resources with PasswordProtection namespace for consistency
    • Only use one endpoint to verify the password, instead of two.
    • Ensure the user's password is sent on the onRegister click to verify the password is still correct
    • Ensure the endpoint /API/v1/projects/{slug} returns the password, and only authenticated users who own the project can view
    • Indicator on the Entries table to show the winner on the registration page
    • Indicator on the Entries table to show the status of email for the winner
    • The newly designed email for Raffle winners now uses MJML email to create the template
    • Moved the End At component before the Maximum Entries component
    • Remove the icon in the input prefix for "Name your project"
    • Require the user to enter an End At date if they want to use the Automated Raffle feature
    • The winner's email for Automated Raffled now looks snazzy


    • Fix Social Proof image not showing on marketing site