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    Twitter Search

    You can search any user on Twitter user without fail. On top of that, we've improved the modal to search users - giving you improved metrics like number of followers account verified and short description. This helps you easily identify the Twitter user you want to add as part of your requirements. View this latest change in Settings > Requirements > Twitter

    More free stuff

    Free users now can create 6 free projects, from the previous 3. This gives you the power to collaborate with more creators in your network.

    Collection Search

    We've improved the search for any collection on Ethereum. Search now opens up a command menu, giving you more insights in to each collection. View this latest change in Settings > Requirements > Ethereum

    Receive Updates on New Launches

    We've added a toggle for Collectors to receive updates whenever a new joinlist page has launched. This will benefit both the Creator and Collector. The former to gain more exposure. And the latter to see the latest joinlist pages blowing up to increase chances of getting in early.

    Remove Joinlist Branding

    Creators now have the ability to remove the default Joinlist "powered by" badge that is on every registration page. Creators can now white label their joinlist page by toggling this option off. Play with this in Settings > General > Remove Joinlist Branding

    Change Project Visibility

    Its now possible to set any project from "public" to "private". This will eventually hide projects from our Explore page which we're currently building. Toggle this option in Settings > General > Change Visibility

    Improved raffle status

    When a raffle ends of joinlist, collectors had no way of knowing if they won or not. Now, we display a friendly "Bad Luck" message for users who didn't get picked, and a "You won" for the ones who did.


    • Countdown when we call Discord API again on rate limited
    • Registration Page requirements text not aligned with the icon
    • Display only the last 100 entries on the project dashboard
    • Display the count of the entries using the new /api/v1/count API
    • Toast on save in dashboard now in left hand bottom corner
    • If usage exceeded when hitting create project, show the updrage modal
    • Choosing the time when setting the end at date now opens at the current time, rather than 12pm last night
    • Create separated endpoints for each platform to check if the collector has met the requirements. e.g /checks/twitter, /checks/ethereum
    • Delete project now redirects straight to the dashboard without delay


    • Fixed duplicating a project would not pick new winners
    • Fixed not picking up nfts owner by user on the registration page
    • Fixed hitting the Checkbox on discord enable role doesn't toggle straight away
    • Fixed dark mode popover styles