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    Notify Winners

    Pro users can now notify winners with a beautifully crafted email. This is enabled by default for all paying customers.

    Enable this feature by heading to:

    1. Go to your Project -> Settings -> General
    2. Scroll down to Email Winners
    3. Enable the toggle and hit Save

    Fixes and Improvements

    • Bulk import wallets from CSV
    • Copy list of addresses to clipboard in Project -> More -> Copy to Clipboard
    • (Automatically disconnect Twitter account if user revoked access to Joinlist)[]
    • Fixed export only winners not working
    • Joinlist is listed on Alchemy Dapp Store
    • Created blog post about clearing bots for 0xTechno
    • Backup every Entry record when a delete occurs
    • Must follow joinlist on free
    • Hide buy banner for paid users on Joinlist
    • Improved error when trying to register and no discord server/role found
    • Accept only image types when upload pfp
    • Setup local database environment for supabase
    • Fixed planId not changing when user upgrades