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    Introducing Spaces

    Projects are now grouped by Spaces. This feature is particularly useful for users who manage multiple communities and want to group projects by their team or collaborate on a project.

    Soon we will add the ability to add members to your Space, and create multiple Spaces for your community/collab/team.

    Publish project to Discord

    If you have installed our Discord bot, publishing your project will also send a message to your Discord Channel.

    Install the Discord bot by:

    1. Head to your Dashboard
    2. Click Integrations
    3. Click Install Discord Bot

    Advanced Twitter Requirements

    In addition to requiring your community to follow your account and collaborators, we have added additional filters:

    • User must have a complete profile
    • User must have an active account
    • Like, retweet or like & retweet a status
    • Must be followed by your Twitter account

    Login with Email

    If you are a creator, we now allow logging in with an email address, in addition to connecting with Twitter.

    Fixes and improvements:

    • Remove duplicate entries when Exporting
    • Added option in settings/general to enable/disable FAQ
    • Show the Twitter username and discord username on the entry list
    • Send test messages to a channel in the Discord Integration
    • Track IP address on each Entry (hashed IP)
    • Location is included on the exported entries
    • Show example of Bulk Import
    • Option to disable Auto-select Raffle Winners
    • Using sonner toast for toast notifications
    • Redirect to login page when user logs out on dashboard
    • Fixed space not loading from cancelled onboarding
    • Fixed incorrect mutual follower count on some entries
    • Fixed going from Integrations -> Dashboard gets not projects
    • Fixed hitting{space}/integrations goes to Project Details
    • Fixed unable to find channels or roles when adding discord bot
    • Change the ComboboxPopover button to one similar to one consistent with Joinlist
    • When a new user gets created, create them a default space in nextauth
    • When the project gets created, if no spaceId given, get the default spaceId for the user
    • Use vercel crons for handle project status
    • Unable to verify NFT on register page
    • Fixed Error: permission denied for table http_request_queue
    • Upgrade to Pro in menu
    • Fixed signing up with email defaults to type as collector
    • Show signin with email on login page
    • Fixed there is already an account associated with this email address.
    • Fixed TypeError: Cannot destructure property 'nameRequired' of 'b' as it is undefined.
    • Fixed error when clicking Settings on new project
    • Fixed user can enter from multiple locations
    • Create invite url for Discord via the Bot
    • Create channel from discord bot
    • Fixed welcome email not sending
    • Track if the user is a creator or collector when signing up
    • Sending out a welcome email upon signup
    • Fixed unable to save empty input for number of raffle winners
    • Fixed checkbox takes two clicks to check in Discord Settings
    • Fixed failed to delete project. Reason: update or delete on table "Project" violates foreign key constraint "EntryArchive_projectId_fkey" on table "EntryArchive"
    • Required/optional for contact fields
    • Fixed unable to view tweet from Register page
    • List the default settings we have for an active account