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    QR Code

    Share your QR code

    Your Joinlist page now comes with a QR code you can download, or copy to clipboard and share to your community.

    Redirect to a URL on registration

    Redirect to your website or a custom URL when a users signs up to your page.

    Confirmation message on registration

    Users can now set a custom confirmations message to users upon registration.

    UTM Builder

    We've added a UTM Builder to help you better track your marketing campaigns.

    Custom Social Media Cards

    You can now customize your social media cards to better fit your brand's style.

    Facebook Pixel ID

    We've integrated Facebook Pixel ID for improved ad tracking and targeted marketing.

    Google Analytics ID

    Use your Google Analytics ID with our platform to gain a better understanding of user interactions.

    Add a collaborator

    Our new 'Add a collaborator' allows you to add combine your profile image with another collaborators.

    Fixes and improvements

    • Users unable to logout from the dashboard
    • Page loads of registration page 3x faster
    • Fixed export and copy to clipboard not working